Will Tom Hardy Play Hugo Strange In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises?
Last month we learned the happy/exciting news that Inception actor Tom Hardy had been cast in an unknown role in the upcoming sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. When news of Hardy‘s casting first hit, it was speculated that he would be playing a villain … but NOT The Riddler (as director Christopher Nolan [...]

Now … take this bit of info with a huge grain of salt BUT … Britney Spears was reportedly spotted making her way to a music video shoot here in SoCal on Wednesday afternoon. We don’t know what the music video is for nor do we know *for sure* that it was a music video shoot at all … but the studio she rolled up on is one that is used to film music videos so … there you have it:

It is quite possible that Britney wasn’t filming a music video at all and was simply working on another video project (a commercial, an awards show video, etc.) but, then again, I suppose it’s also possible that she is secretly working on a music video for the first single off her new album which she *might* drop on us as a complete surprise in the coming weeks!!! Yes, it is highly unlikely that we’ll be hearing new music or seeing a video before the year is over but, then again, Xmas miracles do happen. Irregardless of whether or not she was filming a music video per se, it’s quite clear that our dear Britney is working hard on something. I cannot wait to find out what it is ;D

[Photo credit: X17]

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Akon Brings The LOLs
This isn't the first time Akon has mentioned Lady GaGa's new album Born this Way, but sources say he hasn't heard it!
So, we're wondering where all this talk is coming from.
In a new interview this week, he said:
"Well, Gaga and her follow-up, I've definitely heard [it], and what I can really tell you [...]

alex trebek to guest star on how i met your mother

All we want for Christmas is an unexpected, kind of bizarre cameo on a popular TV show.

Looks like our wish is about be granted!

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek will appear on the Christmas episode of How I Met Your Mother on Dec 13.

Here's what the show's co-creator Carter Bays had to say about the episode:

"It's our twisted version of A Christmas Carol-type story. We see what it takes to get people back on track and start leading the life they're supposed to be leading."

Sounds inneresting. Now if only we could get Pat Sajak to guest star on a Two and a Half Men Christmas episode, we'd be all set!

What strange cameos would U like to see on TV shows?

[Image via WENN.]

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The Piano Store: Some Shopping Tips
Many of us may have been keen to learn the violin for a long time, but hesitate to learn it as we may feel that we cannot master it. We may go to a concert and see the accomplished professional violinists play and think that we can never be half as good as them. Well this is certainly not true. Let me share with you four tips to learn the violin effectively.

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Roland Digital Pianos Stage, V Piano, FP, VIMA, HP Series Piano Reviews
The best Takamine s35 acoustic guitar is a guitar that almost has a similar physical appearance to any other guitar. What makes it to stand out and look different from other similar instruments is the texture and material in which it is made up of. Every corner and side of this type of guitar is made of classic and smooth polished wood material.

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How to Find the Right Baby Taylor Guitar For Your Kids
Roland Digital pianos, and maybe Yamaha, are probably the only brands that could provide you a digital piano for every need. Beginners, who are looking something for learning, and professional looking for the best sound and touch, will find what they are looking for. Be it for studio or stage use, or maybe just for home use, you should be able to find a suitable Roland piano.

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How to Choose a Selmer Clarinet
Maybe you have always wanted to play the piano, or perhaps have had several attempts to study playing the instrument in the past but every so often got carried away by the boredom of your instructor; thereby abandoning your gusto to learn playing it. Well, you are not alone. In fact, there are a multitude of piano students who have forsaken their pursuit of studying piano because of their boring instructors giving monotonous piano exercises.

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Lady Gaga Albums Are Exploding the Music Charts
I have been singing in bands since I was 15 years old. The band names we chose came from ideas from family members and friends and during rehearsal times. Choosing a band name really has to fit the band, the members and the attitude you are trying to portray to the public and if catchy enough, it really makes promotion interesting. Tribute bands are another thing altogether.

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Why Are Music Lessons So Important When Starting a New Instrument?
Trying to learn playing the piano with piano sheets can be very intimidating to some people because those with no prior musical background would feel that they are left behind the trail. The content of sheet music is its own little language that is documented on paper. The key there is for you to find the crack so that you could decode, read music and be able to play or sing on the right pitch each of the notes.

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Piano Tabs How to Use Them
One thing that separates aspiring musicians from a few decades ago from their contemporary counterparts is the value of the internet; there are invaluable resources there that would have benefited the players of yesteryear. However, especially when beginning to seriously undertake an instrument, there is absolutely nothing that can come close to replacing the guidance of a professional teacher. This is true for several reasons.

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How The Beatles Influenced Popular Culture and Music
Ever since the folk and rock explosion of the sixties, the guitar has become perhaps the world's most popular instrument. Lightweight and portable, and relatively easy to play basic chords, it's not hard to understand why so many people love it. When looking at the popularity of different models it's important to consider what type of songs you want to be playing. Even still, some guitars are exceptionally popular.

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